Methods works on a monthly billing cycle, based on the calendar month.  Therefore, if you are using the self-billing service, your invoice will be raised after time for the whole month has been approved. This invoice will then be emailed out to you from our accounts team for your records.  Please do ensure you check your Self-Billing invoice to ensure the supplier information is still accurate and the quantity and rate are correct.

I’m not signing up to self-billing

If you prefer to send your own invoices, then these need to be sent to our Accounts Team for processing each month. You will require a purchase order to bill against so please contact our Support team so you can be sent one.

When creating the invoice please ensure it is addressed to:

Methods Business & Digital Technology Ltd
Saffron House
6-10 Kirby Street

The due date for payment of invoices will be based on the date we receive the invoice, as long as all supporting documents (timecards, etc. as needed) are also signed off at this time.

Payment terms

Methods standard payment terms are 30 days.  This means payments will be made 30 calendar days from the end of each month, as long as your timecards have been approved promptly.

Timecards are submitted weekly and payment terms will commence once all timecards for a calendar month have been approved.

If you have not chosen to use the Methods self-billing service, payment terms will commence once we have received both the approved timecard and the correct invoice from the supplier company.

Any questions?

Please contact us on or call us on 020 3795 5680