Health Systems Support

28 August 2018 - 30 July 2024


The Health Systems Support framework provides a quick and easy route to access support services at the leading edge of health and care system reform, including advanced analytics, population health management, digital and service transformation.  

The framework focuses particularly on services that can support the move to integrated models of care based on intelligence-led population health management. This includes new digital and technological advances that help clinicians and managers understand a population’s health and how it can best be managed. 


You can procure Methods services through the following Lots: 

Lot 4. Informatics, analytics and digital tools to support system planning, assurance, evaluation and research  

Provision of informatics and analytics to support whole system planning, strategy development, management, assurance and evaluation (cost, quality, clinical outcomes) including but not limited to: 

  •  actuarial analysis and intervention modelling 
  • supporting system financial management, quality and outcomes measurement (including clinical outcomes)  
  • planning and evaluation, needs assessment and opportunity analysis  
  • research tools.  

 Lot 5.  Informatics, analytics and digital tools to support care coordination and management, risk and impactability models   

Provision of informatics, analytics and digital tools to support care coordination services including but not limited to: 

  • risk stratification and impactability modelling for early intervention and preventive care 
  • supporting systems for the development of individual care coordination and management
  • services to support clinicians to make faster and better interventions at the point of care with a patient. 



  • Streamlined procurement route – typically six months quicker than the traditional process
  • Gives licence to contract more freely across the NHS and local government sector bodies. 

All of Method’s services are underpinned by ISO and Cyber Essentials Plus certification. 

How can you buy our services? 

Suppliers can be selected by mini competition.  Please refer to the buyer’s guidance here.


Further information  

If you would like more information on how to procure through any of Method’s frameworks, please contact