A full service transformation partner for central government

Methods has extensive experience of working within central government

Since our establishment over 30 years ago, we have worked with every UK central government department. We are motivated by a desire to modernise government by enabling it to become citizen-centred, informed by data, collaborative, well-architected, and Cloud-enabled.

To achieve this aim, we offer a full service transformation capability set that includes disaggregation of technology and commercial environments, service design and transition, delivery and engineering, data and analytics, and service management.

“We need a new approach in government to drive and deliver genuine reform in the way it is structured and operates”.

Mark Thompson, Digitizing Government

IT Services are the foundation on which organisations run

Methods establishes the service management structures and implementation of enterprise tools and automation which has helped organisations change the way they work to drive discipline, efficiency and productivity. During the recent pandemic we have responded to requests to support accelerating innovation and transformation, adaptive new ways of working, extended service hours and the reprioritisation of projects and programmes.

Methods has demonstrable understanding and experience of GDPR, NCSC Cloud Security Principles, GSCP and Protective Marking, GPG etc.