Intelligence and data

Transform the role data plays in your organisation through strategy, structure and governance

Methods is one of the UK’s leading modernising partners. Using our agile, collaborative working style, we work with you to identify challenges quickly and get to work on developing data science and business intelligence capabilities. 

Discovery phase: we’ll undertake a rapid analysis of existing technology and BI capabilities and work collaboratively with key service areas to identify opportunities to use data to transform services. 

Data methodology: we’ll use our Discovery insights to inform decisions on the data modelling methodology we’ll use (Kimble, Data Vault, Data Lake, etc)This data modelling methodology will underpin the development of the BI/AI capability architecture.  

Strategy and governance: this is where we’ll clarify and define the data strategy. This includes information governance policies, data collaboration opportunities and setting out the way in which data will be usedcontrolled and shared.  

Data ethics​: considering how technology systems interact with social life and how data-informed decision making will impact populations are essential principles for creating and managing an ethical data ecosystemHere well design a framework for guiding ethical best practice for data usage and developing emerging technology in the future.  

Prioritisation and proofs of concepts (PoCs)​: we will create a resource, capability, and opportunity matrix which sets out opportunities against the architecture required to deliver them, enabling proof of concepts to be defined and agreed. ​ 

Our expertise within data

  • Data science
  • Business intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data and reference architecture
  • BI capability analysis
  • Data ethics
  • Data maturity assessment
  • Data strategy
  • Opportunity, capability and resource matrix
  • Information governance policy and controls
  • Intelligent data matching
  • Data collaborations
  • Proofs of concepts
Intelligence & Data Diagram

How can we help?

We pride ourselves in working alongside our customers in an open, collaborative and agile way by embedding multi-disciplinary teams who will work with you. Not only does this mean that we gain a deep understanding of your organisation, but that we also use the correct sizing of roles to guarantee value for money. 

Methods understands that everyone’s journey into harnessing the power of data is different. We believe that it’s best to start small – with prototypes, batch processing or proofs of concepts – to prove value and derive quick successes through actionable intelligence.

Once you’ve built confidence and capability, we can then support your efforts as you scale to larger projects that involve bigger datasets, more compute, or real-time processing. As always, we’ll be mindful to ensure that our recommendations are in line with your business requirements. 

Lastly, we are technology and vendor agnostic, and support widely adopted industry standards and open-source practices that champion interoperability and aim to reduce risks and costs. 

We understand that everyone’s journey into harnessing the power of data is different. One size does not fit all.

Some of our previous work

Designing, developing and implementing a self-service reporting capability

For our defence client, providing analysis of key business data sets across the organisation was imperative to bolster internal development capacity and capability