Methods is a leading AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner

AWS is an increasingly attractive environment for governments

It knits together a range of powerful capabilities such as compute, storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, IoT, security, and enterprise applications that allow cross-service collaboration. 

This approach offers a range of benefits for AWS government customers, including:


AWS offering diagram

We have a specific focus on the UK public sector, national security and defence, healthcare, education and regulation

With 25 years’ public sector experience, Methods is recognised as a thought leader and pioneer in cloud-first, componentised, consumption-based transformation across government.

We offer AWS customers an unrivalled breadth of services – from getting senior business leaders on board with cloud and helping customers re-conceptualise their services around standard capabilities, through to the ‘heavy lifting’ at the back end.

Our integrated offering

Thought leadership and executive education icon

Thought leadership and executive education

Cut through the buzzwords

Service design and architecture icon

Service design and architecture

Reference architectures with common service patterns and enabling capabilities

Cyber security icon

Cyber security

Concise security frameworks, data breech, prevention, and compliance

Cloud engineering and software development icon

Cloud engineering and software development

Complex, large-scale migration meeting all government standards

For AWS government customers, the challenge is to ‘translate’ the huge opportunity presented by AWS’ technology-centric products (e.g. analytics, AR/VR, blockchain, business apps, machine learning, IoT, security and identity, migration, reporting) into repeatable, business-centric capabilities that public services can easily relate to, and re-use again and again – a bit like Lego bricks.

Bridging the gap between organisations and advance technology

To read more about our partnership with AWS and understand how we deliver on the above 4 offerings, please take a look at our brochure