Data is the backbone of every organisation

Unlock its power by migrating from legacy technology to take intelligent action

Methods is one of the UK’s leading modernising partners, providing data migration services for secure applications and workloads

We support all types of projects including critical national infrastructure with specialist data migration services. Using our agile, collaborative working style, we work with you to identify challenges quickly and get to work on developing data science and business intelligence capabilities.

Data migration to the cloud can come in many forms and not all data migrations are cut from the same cloth. Typical migrations include storage, database, application, cloud, and business process migration.

Methods offers the following migration services

Storage migration

Moving data off existing storage arrays into more modern ones, enabling other systems to access it. This offers significantly faster performance and more cost-effective scaling while enabling expected data management features such as cloning, snapshots, and backup and disaster recovery.

Database migration

Migrating a database between platforms such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, IBM DB2, MySQL; or migrating the data from one database to another such as a major version upgrade, or moving between compatible products such as MySQL and MariaDB.

Business process migration

The process of moving business logic, rules and processes, typically embedded in store procedures, to the business layer.

Application migration

The process of moving an application programme from one environment to another. This can include moving the entire application from an on-premise data centre to a cloud, moving between clouds, or simply moving the application’s underlying data to a new form of the application hosted by a software provider.

Cloud migration

The process of moving data, application, or other business elements from either an on-premise data centre to a cloud, or from one cloud to another. In many cases, it also entails a storage migration.

Our expertise in data

  • Data migration services
  • Data analytics
  • Data warehouse and data platform consulting
  • Data analysis, discovery and interpretation
  • Cloud migration services
  • Innovation using machine learning
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Our data engineering and analytics experts can deliver and support


Of data to cloud

Building data platforms

To support data services and science needs

Performance and predictive analytics solutions

Taking insights from data to inform business strategy, prioritisation and decision making

Securing your cloud estate and improving data security compliance

Reducing the likelihood and impact of potential data breaches

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner for Data, Analytics and Insights, the Methods group delivers artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning services aligned to getting insights from your data. These can drive insights or transformation outcomes, for example reducing transaction fraud or recognising behavioural risk patterns in digital services.

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How can we help?

We pride ourselves in working alongside our customers in an open, collaborative and agile way by embedding multi-disciplinary teams who will work with you. Not only does this mean that we gain a deep understanding of your organisation, but that we also use the correct sizing of roles to guarantee value for money.

Methods understands that everyone’s journey into harnessing the power of data is different. We believe that it’s best to start small – with prototypes, batch processing or proofs of concepts (POCs) – to prove value and derive quick successes through actionable intelligence.

Once you’ve built confidence and capability, we can then support your efforts as you scale to larger projects that involve bigger datasets, more compute or real-time processing. As always, we’ll be mindful to ensure that our recommendations are in line with your business requirements.

Lastly, we are technology and vendor agnostic, and support widely adopted industry standards and open-source practices that champion interoperability and aim to reduce risks and costs.

Data is a cornerstone of successful application deployments, analytics workflows, and machine learning innovations. When moving data to the cloud, you need to understand where you are moving it for different use cases, the types of data you are moving, and the network resources available.

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