Software development

Building transformative applications

As your Digital Transformation partner, Methods will be with you every step of the way – from initial planning to delivery, and beyond with 30 years of experience.

Our software development teams work across industry and government, building transformative, award winning applications, and end-to-end digital services. We work with our clients to understand the user need from first principles, designing services that are simple, accessible, secure and “solve the whole problem”, and that exploit the power of modern cloud platforms.

We transform legacy, monolithic applications, technologies, and processes into scalable, manageable, secure micro-services, combining our expertise in cyber security, service management and cloud platforms engineering.

Where there is a unique set of requirements that cannot be served by a commercial solution, we will design and build to precise requirements. We are language and infrastructure agnostic – but naturally prefer developing in the open, on public cloud, adhering to open standards with a strong focus on non-functional requirements, operationalisation and security of the service.

Our expertise within software development

  • Bespoke software product development
  • Bespoke web and mobile apps
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Professional services
  • Software maintenance and managed services
Software Development Diagram

Our multi-award winning, 100+ permanent team of UK-based software developers create bespoke software and operational systems, consolidating and simplifying app portfolios.

How can we help?

Agile development

Our team wants to deliver value quickly, so we don’t subject our clients to months of analysis and requirement gathering.

We use agile development methodologies to produce something concrete quickly, get user feedback and iterate based on that feedback until we have a product that meets user needs. This incremental and rapid cycle approach to application development is now accepted as the way forward in both the private and public sector.


We bring yet more speed and agility by providing you with a compact team of expert full-stack agile ‘Consultant Developers.’

They are capable of engaging with stakeholders directly and have the hands-on agile development experience needed to deliver a successful project. We’ve proved in our past and current projects that this approach helps establish more efficient lines of communication and reduce misunderstandings. We’ll always speak your language – whether that’s technical or not.

Quality assurance

By testing applications from day one, any faults that could hinder the product down the line can be caught early.

Our development process includes rigorous requirements discovery, code reviews, testing and release management, with the aim of catching issues before they occur. This stringent testing process ultimately saves our clients time and money and results in better products.

Operating as ‘one team’

To minimise friction and deliver value faster, we become part of your development team.

We build relationships with your team and we get involved in solving problems. We like to work in partnership with our clients. That’s the Methods difference.

Our work and this website itself has received a lot of positive feedback and has been recognised by industry experts as a “substantial achievement” (Ed Humpherson), an “extraordinary website” (The Washington Post) and a “clear and user-friendly” website (Damian Green, First Secretary of State).

Looking back, we ascribe this achievement to our user focused cadence of development which always revolved around testing, learning and iterating.

Some of our previous work

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