Take control and improve customer experience with Jadu

Streamline services

As the leading Jadu Delivery Partner, we can help your organisation plan and accelerate the implementation of the Jadu platform. From our experience of implementing digital platforms in local government, we have developed a tried and tested methodology. This approach allows us to work with your users and data, so we can build a prioritised delivery plan, maximising your investment rapidly, and identifying and delivering benefits aligned with your strategy.

Accelerate delivery

As an accredited delivery partner, our approach blends Jadu accredited training with practical service design skills and agile working. This provides and augments internal teams with the practical skills they need to design and build improved digital services on the Jadu platform.

Jadu integration

Our technical consultancy team also have the skills and experience to build technical integrations and solutions around digital services that extend the power of the platform.

We have supported several Jadu customers by providing extensibility to the Jadu platform. This has included the creation of management dashboards; a necessary element to the design, delivery, and measurement of digital services with the use of the Jadu CXM API and Microsoft PowerBI.

Seamlessly transition to business as usual

Our recommended transition model also supports our customers to become self-sufficient with the Jadu platform, while providing additional capacity or expertise to be drawn down, either as extra sprints or specific work packages as required.

Jadu helps organisations take control of their web and mobile channels, improving customer experience with ingenuity 

Delivering digital transformation with Lincolnshire County Council

65 processes rationalised into 3 improved digital processes that was delivered over 6 sprints