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Amplifying the voices of front-line workers

By Methods22 June 20208 min read

Methods Analytics working alongside the head of global compliance monitoring, analytics and digital of a global pharmaceutical company, Ropes & Gray, Professor Mark Thompson of the University of Exeter Business School, and Raadical Entertainment, has created a data analytics and behavioural sciences-based communications tool as part of its submission to the Financial Times-supported Global Legal Hackathon. The team worked together over 4-5 days to develop and present a solution designed to address communication challenges from the ground-up within the NHS and other public health organisations during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on all healthcare. From mental health support to PPE, the needs of those on the front lines have never been more critical. The solution ignites more meaningful, data-driven communications, using analytics and behavioural science techniques to survey public health services at all levels. Employee engagement builds a stronger culture and mitigates risks.

In other words, the tool amplifies voices within an organisation in real time, so the people who have the power to solve issues, can identify and act on issues before they become problems or worse, a crisis.

Methods Analytics developed the platform which uses data analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to efficiently process the survey data. Decision makers can then review the results via easily accessible dashboards that use colour-coding and graphs to summarise trends. A heat map provides a system-wide overview of strengths and vulnerabilities, while the dashboards allow users to drill down into a particular location’s survey results and hot points, including a measure of overall employee satisfaction, areas most in need of attention, and specific concerns raised by respondents. Furthermore, NLP identifies recurring key words to detect potential risk areas not specifically predicted in the survey, such as workplace harassment or cultural issues, which may not yet be on management’s radar.

Watch the demonstration here

Slide 8 Results Demo from Raadical Entertainment on Vimeo.

Check out the video below.

Communication is Key from Raadical Entertainment on Vimeo.

Using the tools as a guide, the team envision that leaders will follow up on areas of concern by setting up conversations with personnel in the flagged areas. This human interaction is a critical component of the overall design of this offering, as it is only through these truly open lines of communication that decision makers can make informed decisions and take a preventative approach to addressing front line needs before they become crises.