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Championing sustainability in tech – spotlight on Suzanne Maxted, Midlands Women In Tech Innovator finalist

By Methods12 September 20233 min read

As voting for the Midlands Women In Tech Awards is underway, here’s more information about our shortlisted colleagues and clients, and a glimpse of the remarkable work they are undertaking.

First in the spotlight is Suzanne Maxted, a finalist in the ‘Innovator’ category, Suzanne currently holds the role of Lead Consultant Strategy and Business Architect and serves as the Sustainability Lead at Methods. Her unwavering passion lies in environmental protection and the promotion of sustainability in all facets of life and work. Her mission has been to drive service transformations across the public sector for the greater good of the community.

Suzanne’s dedication to environmental responsibility is evident in her efforts to champion sustainability within central government. She pioneers innovative digital solutions to advance sustainability initiatives and ensure the planet’s interests are at the forefront of decision-making.

As a fervent advocate for ‘Tech for Good’, Suzanne has taken the lead in fostering a deeper understanding of the intricate sustainability landscape. She achieves this through her role as the leader of Methods’ Environmental Responsibility Community of Interest and as the Sustainability Lead.

Suzanne’s journey as an environmentalist took a significant turn when the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals were unveiled in 2015. This framework provided her with a means to align her personal values and beliefs with her work, ultimately aiming to make sustainability an integral part of government strategy and planning.

Suzanne’s primary goal is to simplify the process of incorporating sustainability into any profession, making it accessible for individuals to contribute positively to addressing climate change and biodiversity loss.

In pursuit of this objective, Suzanne recently conducted a comprehensive impact assessment of a substantial government program against all 169 SDG targets. This included identifying and addressing potential negative impacts that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. She introduced a set of enhancements to rectify any adverse scores and improve already favourable social and environmental outcomes. This innovative service, developed as part of Methods’ program planning and strategy offerings, has already garnered interest from two new clients, and Suzanne hopes to see it gain momentum in driving sustainable development through government initiatives.

Suzanne’s influence extends beyond her professional work, as she is frequently invited to speak at events and participate in panel discussions. She dedicates her time to engage with women, offering insights and answering their questions, inspiring them with her proactive and determined approach to effecting change. Suzanne encourages other women to prioritise their agendas and strive to achieve their goals.

Within Methods, Suzanne is seen as a driving force for the environmental agenda by senior leadership. Her impact is also felt among her clients in Defra and the Environment Agency, where she navigates predominantly male environments, leading the charge towards a more sustainable future.

If you think that Suzanne is worthy of winning the award for ‘Innovator’, then please take a minute to cast your vote for her here.