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Completing my first Ultra

By Peter Pepper15 May 20232 min read

Every year I try to challenge myself with a new adventure. On 13 May 2023, I undertook my first Ultra by running The Lap around Lake Windermere 47 Miles / 75 KM and raising money for Solving Kids Cancer. Two goals; one was to complete the ultra within 24 hours and set aside my passion for marathon running, the second goal was to raise £1,000 minimum sponsorship on behalf of “Kayla’s Campaign” which is devoted to helping five-year-old Kayla have access to treatments for high-risk neuroblastoma, a form of cancer.

This is a tough course of 8,986 ft elevation. The route is predominantly on single-track and unmanicured trails, with some sections of boardwalk, fire road, steeper fell paths, and occasional unavoidable short sections of quiet country road.

Goal one was completed in 18 hours 38 mins (without breaks this would have been 16 Hours 38). I have to say this is one of the hardest things I ever done – never underestimate hills or climbing and running through woods in the dark. If it going to be hot in the lakes, then why not be when doing an Ultra? It is supposed to be wet in the Lake District. This was a success with only one blister and a better understanding of my mental strength when it got tough.

The physical achievement was completed but the main goal of raising money and awareness on behalf of “Kayla’s Campaign” Solving Kids Cancer was also achieved with over £1.2k raised – beyond my expectations.

Always challenge yourself and never listen to people that say you cannot do anything there is always a way.