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The ‘Digital Production Line’

By Methods21 March 20231 min read

Continuing on, our next extract from Adrian James’ new release ‘designed4devops, looks at ‘The Digital Production Line‘:


If we visualise a product’s flow, from idea to release, as a production line, we can start to look at all the interactions with the ‘noveme’ as it progresses.

In the digital production world, we call this production line a pipeline. A pipeline is a flow of change to release. The pipeline, like the production line, processes tasks in series. We call these series of different tasks cells. We can visualise it as a flow from the left (idea) to the right (release). When we say “shift left,” we talk about moving responsibility upstream.

DevOps is the application of physical manufacturing efficiencies applied to digital production. In its current form, this analogy only takes us so far. Physical production lines aim to deliver an optimised flow of homogenous products. Digital products, once produced, have unlimited distribution with digital downloads.


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