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Cyber Security Awareness Month is here!

By Methods10 October 20232 min read

This month is the 20th anniversary of NIST’s Cyber Security Awareness Month.  To highlight the importance of good security practices, we will be bringing you a series of terrifyingly useful blogs and guidance.

Let’s make this Cyber Security Awareness Month the spookiest one yet for cyber-ghouls by staying safe and secure online!

You can learn more about Cyber Security Awareness Month here.

Scare hackers away with the power of MFA!

This week we will  focus on the importance of preventing unauthorised access by enabling Multi-Factor Authentication. Multi-Factor Authentication, or MFA, is a common method used to prevent eerie intruders from accessing sensitive information.

Common authentication methods used today include biometric authentication using either fingerprint or facial recognition and single use codes to authenticate to systems, services, and apps. Multi-Factor Authentication adds an additional layer of security for your devices and ensures only authorised individuals can access sensitive information and accounts.


Enabling MFA on your devices will help to keep the cyber-ghouls at bay! If you would like more advice and guidance on how MFA can prevent unauthorised access, please click this link.

Security Factsheet


Stay tuned for next week’s blog…