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designed4devops – Digital transformation the Lean and easy way

By Methods8 March 20231 min read

Adrian James, Head of Cloud Engineering, has worked in IT for over 25 years, delivering large-scale change and transformation. Late last year, Adrian published his first book ‘designed4devops:  Digital Transformation the Lean and easy way’ – written to provide tangible ways to show you how to align processes, architectures, technologies, and tools to reduce waste and improve flow by architecting pipelines and products to work together.

Over the next few weeks, we will share some extracts from the book, starting with ‘Why bother with Digital Transformation?’


Technology and the industry-standard processes that govern them are locked in a Darwinian dance perpetuated for decades. As technology has become more complicated, so too have the controls. Mistakes can be inordinately expensive; we strive to avoid lost revenue, incorrect software purchases, and outages. We propagate a second vicious circle. As changes become riskier, we become more risk averse. We instinctively try to make fewer changes less frequently. Conversely, our changes get more complicated and even more difficult. The longer we stay locked in this battle of wits, the less agile we become.


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