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Disruptive technology and it’s impact on redesign within policing in the UK

By Methods7 January 20201 min read

There are 43 police forces in the UK doing a fantastic job but under huge pressure on the frontline. When we look at the back end, they have inherited these legacies from the last century where work and processes are being duplicated that are not necessarily providing much value to the citizens and those police on the frontline.

Mark Thompson wants to tackle this challenge head on. With the adoption of cloud based technologies and services, Mark believes that it is possible to break free from these legacies and modernise the back end to move forward with a technical system that makes sense for the forces, as well as, the citizen on the frontline.

If you happen to have bagged yourself a ticket for the 2020 Police ICT Summit on the 21st – 22nd January in Manchester, come along and hear Mark discuss this challenge and how we can think strategically to modernise this public service for the next century moving forward.