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Exiting legacy contracts is difficult – let us break down the complexities for you

By Wes Jarvis12 February 20202 min read

If you’re frustrated by the lack of flexibility or quality of service that you receive from your IT supplier, suffer from an inability to innovate and harness new technologies, or know that you could secure better value for money by thinking differently about the way services are delivered, you’re not alone.

Across the public sector, monolithic IT service contracts are preventing innovation and failing to deliver value for money, but many organisations are beginning to break away from the constraints of exiting arrangements.

Leaving behind legacy contracts and transitioning into a multi-supplier operating model is complex. Although many public sector organisations have started, many find it difficult to know when to take the leap. In a recent survey¹ 72% of respondents told us that the principal challenge facing their organisation in moving away from a legacy provider, was the complexity of their infrastructure and lack of cooperation from incumbent suppliers. This is unsurprising when you consider that the apparent complexity plays into the hands of incumbent suppliers with a vested interest in retaining your custom.

Methods has been working with public sector clients large and smaller, all with their own complexities, over a number of years to help them solve these issues and provide the services they feel their users and customers rightly deserve. We have developed our own unique methodology to approach the problems they may be experiencing while recognising that one size does definitely not fit all and solutions must be tailored around specific needs. We have taken our learning and honed how we can approach helping clients to get to the best outcome for their organisation with our Disaggregation toolkit and specialist practitioners. We love talking about Contract Disaggregation and breaking down the complexities, and that is why at Council 4.0 we are running an interactive workshop so we can explore the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ that speaks directly to you.

We have a wealth of information to get you thinking as you start your journey. You can find out more about Contract Disaggregation here, which includes:

Alternatively, if you want to find out how here at Methods we navigate this complex area and talk to us about your journey, then please join us at Council 4.0 where we share some of the experiences and lessons we have learnt along the way. To register please click here.

¹ Poll taken during ‘Pension Protection Fund – Taking Control of IT Services’ Webinar, September 2019

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