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Invest in our planet – Earth Day 2023

By Methods21 April 20232 min read

Earth Day is an annual event which this year is focused on reframing the conversation, accelerating action, and bringing everyone together to understand that it is a collective responsibility to help accelerate the transition to an equitable, prosperous green economy for all.

Below are a number of articles that you may find of interest – ranging from our Environmental Community of Interest’s work, to ’embedding green’ in our work, as well as our fascinating Earth Day podcast, for you to digest at your leisure.


Embedding environmental responsibility into our clients digital programmes of work
A summary of the work our Environmental Community of Interest has achieved to date.

Championing ‘planet-centred design’ at BCS Net Zero
In the last 10 years the IT Industry has moved to human-centred design, we now need to move to planet-centred design.

Tech UK de-carbonisation showcase
Bee Jenkins summarises the key discussions points from the Tech Led ‘Decarbonisation Showcase’ event, which sought to highlight some of the contributions to sustainability through developing tech solutions and platforms.

Placing nature at the heart of government decision making
How do you give nature a voice? How do you put it at the heart of Government decision making? This customer story showcases the journey of discovery as Defra seeks to answer this question.

Give the planet a seat at the table
This article explores the intersection of sustainability and business, delving into the benefits of incorporating eco-friendly practices into business operations.

Governments everywhere have declared a climate emergency: it is high time for pandemic-like efforts to tackle it, on screen as well as off
Suzanne Maxted calls for the government to take what they learnt during the pandemic, and apply it to our current emergency – the climate emergency.

Behaviour change to tackle climate change 
An engaging and informative discussion that explores the history and significance of Earth Day.

Understanding the condition of natural capital ecosystems
This customer story takes a look at the terrestrial natural capital ecosystem assessment programme, where a proof of concept was built that would explore different field survey commissioning scenarios.

Sense and sustainability – how to ‘green’ our digital work
This article looks real life examples of how we can ‘engage with nature’ through our everyday work, and dreams of a future where the digital services we build support new environmental policies.

Reverting to a magical sustainable world through futuring digital pathways
In this thoughtpiece, Suzanne Maxted takes a look at the term ‘Futuring’ – a sophisticated strategic planning tool.


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