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It’s not if, but when…

By Methods3 November 20211 min read

A security breach is inevitable and often starts with a successful phishing attempt against an unsuspecting employee. Once the attackers gain access to that employee’s credentials, they can remain hidden in an organisation’s infrastructure for weeks, maybe months – watching, waiting, and learning…

CoreAzure, supported by Methods NCSC certified Cyber Consultancy, has been working with an education organisation who required a unified security ecosystem that detects, responds to, and recovers from threats – fast, to prevent attacks from damaging the business. They needed visibility into an increasingly complex IT estate to securely monitor every endpoint across 15,000 devices in 160 countries, delivering a unified endpoint management and security platform. The majority of toolsets that the client was using were configured ‘out of the box’ without any customisation or line of site that linked the products together. With these tools not being activity monitored or reviewed, this left alerts open for weeks.

The initial piece of work used operational workflows to deliver security orchestration and remediation (SOAR) capabilities. Once this was in place, the team worked through the roadmap implementing a fully configured environment capable of monitoring and reacting to threats.

Today we continue to provide the client with a holistic view of their current threat landscape harnessing the full extent of the Microsoft Enterprise Security and Mobility suite they have invested in, and leaving the client’s teams free to focus on more complex and interesting security challenges.

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