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Methods hosts Council 4.0 – a meet up for ‘innovators’ and ‘disruptors’ from 35 local gov organisations

By Methods25 February 20202 min read

On February 13th Methods launched the Local Government meet-up, Council 4.0, at their new offices in Farringdon.

Over 50 ‘innovators’ and ‘disruptors’ from 35 local government organisations met to hear and discuss how a personalised, ethical approach can combine with strategic thinking and cloud architecture to deliver some of the most exciting initiatives, and opportunities, happening in the sector in 2020.

There was standing room only for Mark Thompson’s, Methods’ Director of Strategy, provocative and engaging keynote where the audience was urged to be mindful of 3 things:

1. Take the Data VERY Seriously
2. Take Accessibility Just as Seriously
3. Don’t just Focus; Leverage

Attendees were then challenged to pick only 3 topics from the smorgasboard of workshops and interactive sessions delivered by Methods’ clients, partners and colleagues. These showcased innovative projects and offered practical advice on topics including RPA, Wardley Mapping, Exiting Legacy IT contracts, AI and Prioritisation. For the full list of workshops and associated content, check out the Council 4.0 website.

Finally, the audience enjoyed Farringdon’s finest pizza and beverages in a networking session that lasted late into the evening. To get a flavour of the inaugural Council 4.0 meet-up, check out our video:

Council 4.0 logos