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“Methods rapidly sourced and delivered hard to find talented, Technical Resources” Adrien Sala, Head of Engineering at Vision Direct

By Methods14 May 20202 min read

Vision Direct is Europe’s largest online optical retailer of contact lenses and eye care products, designing, manufacturing and distributing ophthalmic lenses and equipment for eye care professionals all over the world.


Vision Direct is one of more than 100 companies acquired by the Essilor Group and, as such, there is a need to create uniformity within and between their companies and to provide IT systems on a single platform for streamlined operations management. The Essilor Group have chosen Vision Direct as their first UK based company to migrate across to the new Saleforce platform. Vision Direct needed to source additional highly skilled staff to support this migration. 

The challenge  

  • To understand the client’s requirements and provide the right additional staff to execute a successful migration from Magento to SFCC .
  • Short timeframe of two weeks to complete the resourcing requirements set by Vision Direct.
  • Crucial to the success of this process was to mitigate any risk of interruption to online services.  
  • Shortage of good SFCC Developers in the UK .



Methods’ advertising campaign was directed at companies and candidates using Demandware and SFCC technology – headhunting via LinkedIn was the predominate focus, as well as targeting specific technical forums. It was highly unlikely we were going to create a surge of applicants purely through advertising via job boards, but they were used as an additional method, in order to keep all channels and options open. We had to venture further afield to source candidates – this included qualifying candidates across the UK and mainland Europe, and to assist with any relocation requirements. 



  • Completed this initial tranche of the hiring campaign within 10 working days. 
  • Of the 10 CV’s sent for the Contract Architect roles, all 10 were interviewed with 6 successful hires. 
  • Given the complexity of the project, we have taken steps to ensure open lines of communication with both the client and the candidates, meeting regularly to reflect on progress and adapt and evolve in-line with any changing requirements. 


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