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Migrating the University of Plymouth ‘Into the cloud’

By Methods20 October 20201 min read

The University of Plymouth outlined their ‘Into the Cloud’ programme which would enable them to reduce risk, simplify a complex and large application estate, and make substantial savings.

Following an in-depth Cloud Readiness Assessment, CoreAzure was engaged to help the university develop a business case for cloud, from a financial and architectural perspective. The plan to design and build a new cloud-based infrastructure and to migrate c.90% of application workloads to Azure was given the go ahead.

Agile was used as the basis of application migration, with a team comprising both University of Plymouth and CoreAzure staff. In addition to IaaS lift and shift, the migration pathway comprised re-architecting and re-factoring applications as well as PaaS and containerisation. In parallel, CoreAzure optimised the integration layer through LogicApps and ESB.

You can read the full customer story here.


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