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My back to work journey

By Beth Mitchell5 May 20233 min read

After taking an extended maternity and career break following the birth of my son Albie in 2017, we moved to the Kent Coast where I decided to take the plunge and put myself on the job market and back into full time work. I got Albie into a childminder (which was a big deal itself), and applied for local jobs, resulting in a full time HR position at a local business.

This is where unfortunately I experienced everything that a workplace shouldn’t do – a complete lack of flexibility and understanding of a new parent’s feelings when re-entering the world of work after a long time out. It ultimately ended with me having no choice but to resign, and I was left with shattered confidence and dubious about what to do next.

Then with the global pandemic, the world stood still, I was job-less, as were many others and had zero confidence in myself and my abilities.

I saw a job advertised on LinkedIn for a Fixed Term Contract HR Administrator on part-time hours at Methods. My now husband being my biggest supporter encouraged me to apply. I received an email a couple of days later saying I had been selected for an interview and, in due course, I was was offered the position! I was thrilled yet extremely nervous and worried about history repeating itself (but clearly you know the ending of this little story as I am still here!)

Within the first week I got stuck in, finding my feet with using Excel again and being given the time and patience to do so. Towards the end of my first week I was asked if I wanted to increase my hours with no expectation at all, only if I wanted to, to which I agreed. The second week I was asked again with no pressure if I would like a full-time permanent position (which as you can imagine was a huge confidence boost), I agreed and signed my new contract.

2 years and 3 months on I have moved from an HR Administrator to a Talent Resourcer within the Talent Acquisition function. I have seen a team of 4 change and grow to over 15 people! I have learnt so much about the business, the job, but most importantly myself. My confidence has been completely restored as well as my faith in the workplace.

Methods allows me to have the balance we all wish for, to work in a job I love and be the Mum I need to be to Albie. Methods really does promote flexibility and understands the need for a work life balance for everyone, not just parents.

I will forever be grateful to Methods for giving me the opportunity, showing me that the workplace doesn’t have to be a place where you cannot be all the things you need to be. Allowing me to grow professionally and personally, and most importantly being able to do the little things like the school drop off; as tedious as the school run can be sometimes, these are things one day I will miss.

If you are thinking about applying for a position at Methods, do it! I am one of many who have similar stories. Don’t let bad experiences from the past put you off. Methods is a place where you can be all you need to be without compromise.