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Neurodiversity – what makes us all uniquely human

By Methods5 July 20221 min read

Neurodiversity is a term originally coined by Australian sociologist, Judy Singer, and was first seen in print in 1998. However, neurodivergence has been known and talked about for over 100 years.

Neurodiversity looks at the traits people exhibit, and identifies groups of people and commonality.

This podcast challenges some of the myths that surround neurodiversity as our participants discuss the positive impact being neuro diverse can have in the workplace, the importance of looking at the strengths of neuro diverse people, and the range of approaches different brains bring to the table. In addition, they touch on how masking these differences to ‘keep up appearances’ can become tiring and unsustainable.

With the neuro diverse population at around 1 in 8 – this is an important and eye-opening conversation.