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The digital divide and the people it leaves behind

By Methods25 May 20221 min read

The Centre for Economic Business Research (CEBR) stated that if over a 10 year period we close the digital divide for good, over £21bn would be returned to the economy and a more just and equal society would be created.


#FixTheDigitalDivide is the key message of Good Things Foundation – Methods’ charity partner of the year. To understand more what fixing the digital divide means in society today, User Researcher Sarah Hanna met with Helen Milner, Group Chief Executive of Good Things Foundation, and Content Designer Alison Evans, to discuss how the pandemic has created a deeper divide as more organisations sought to move services online. From booking a doctor’s appointment, to taking part in an interview, or applying for much needed benefits – they ask whether we should push ahead with digital transformation, if by so doing we create further exclusions.