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Transformational leader in tech and public sector excellence – spotlight on Lynne Burdon, Midlands Women In Tech ‘Best Use of Tech in a Public Sector Project’ finalist

By Methods13 September 20232 min read

Continuing with our spotlight on the fabulous women shortlisted for the Midlands Women In Tech Awards, next up is Lynne Burdon, a finalist in the ‘Best use of Tech in a Public Sector Project’ category.

With over 20 years of impressive, committed service at the Department for Education, Lynne is a repository of invaluable experience in customer service and support, complemented by adept people management and the orchestration of seamless digital delivery. This rich amalgamation of skills uniquely positions Lynne as the perfect candidate to spearhead the transformation of contemporary government services, ensuring they remain agile, efficient, and truly people-centric in the digital age.

Most recently, Lynne spearheaded a ground breaking transformation with the ‘Submit Learner Data‘ initiative, addressing vital user needs and pain points in the Further Education sector. Safeguarding approximately £8 billion of treasury funds, her domain expertise and visionary leadership ensured the project was delivered to the highest quality and within budget and time limits.

Achieving an impressive 100% sector-wide adoption rate, coupled with a remarkable 98.7% customer satisfaction score, Lynne’s adept orchestration of a robust 65-member delivery team was marked by exceptional retention. She transitioned this multifaceted unit from contractors to a significant contingent of permanent civil servants, fostering a harmonious and efficient blend of diverse talents. In this intricate tapestry, Lynne excels in her guidance, unwavering support, and skilful nurturing across each facet.

Under Lynne’s leadership, all her teams are gender and race-balanced, a testament to her proactive efforts in recruitment and promotion inclusivity. Lynne is an excellent mentor and role model for her team and is particularly supportive of creating opportunities to grow and develop junior talent.

If you think that Lynne is worthy of winning the award for ‘Best Use of Tech in a Public Sector Project’, then please take a minute to cast your vote for her here.