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Zero tolerance of bullying and harassment for LGBT+ in the workplace at Methods and why acceptance of all is so critical to success

By Methods25 February 20212 min read

An article in the Telegraph this month states that LGBT policies in the workplace do not make homosexual or bisexual workers any happier, a study has suggested.


Academics analysed survey data on 15,672 British workers, 357 of whom identified as lesbian, gay or bisexual and found that lesbians and bisexual men and women are less satisfied at work than their heterosexual counterparts. The researchers compared workplaces with inclusive policies to those with fewer or no such policies. They found that there was no significant difference in job satisfaction among LGBT people in these different workplaces.  Dr Bayrakdar added,  “That said, the fact that we do not find any effect on job satisfaction suggests that there is still room for improvement in terms of LGBT inequalities at workplaces.”   Their research did not tackle the reasons for the lower job satisfaction, but for those who had not revealed their sexuality, “constant self-censorship and control can be exhausting, and it may feel like a betrayal to one’s true self, as well as colleagues, intimate partners and communities.”

At Methods we have a zero tolerance of bullying/ harassment and openly encourage colleagues to call out any such behaviour, challenge it and report it. In the past year there has been no reported instances of harassment, we put this down to our inclusive culture and have worked hard and will continue to, promote equality for all, irrespective of protected characteristics. Testament to this success is Natalie Turner, who is lesbian and has worked at Methods for two years:


Natalie Turner“Working at Methods is great; I have always felt I can be myself and that diversity is really embraced here, something I haven’t always felt at past companies. I feel very happy here and feel that I am loved and supported, and I am free to be 100% myself. I am very lucky to be part of the Methods family. The interview process was so simple and one that I thoroughly enjoyed; I came out of it with a beaming smile on my face knowing it was somewhere I could see myself. The interview I had been to just before that left me feeling cold and like I wouldn’t be able to totally be myself.”


Methods prides itself on being an inclusive and forward thinking organisation. One that is proud to enable our people and serve not only the projects that we are involved with, but also our local communities. We are proud to work in an environment where we have a continued focus to ensure that  people can always bring their authentic self to work.