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Designing a vision for the road ahead

The DVLA has rolled out new digital services and done away with paper artefacts, whilst passing on cost savings to customers. The DVLA continues to drive efficiency and explore new ways to put digital technology at the heart of service delivery. It had recently exited its long-standing outsourced IT contract.

The DVLA needed to maintain business as usual whilst it becomes a truly digital organisation; supplying critical services, underpinned by UK and EU law. Rapid progress in modernising its service delivery is expected by users, government, and the DVLA’s leadership. It needed to set out a realistic vision, which could be practically and immediately put into action (thus avoiding the need to continue to patch the legacy architecture).

The vision must convince other parts of government that DVLA is the logical choice as a modern and efficient multi-channel service provider. Methods were brought on board to run Wardley mapping training sessions in order to begin to map the DVLA services, from which a technical architecture review was commissioned.