Developing the pathway into cyber security

By Methods9 November 2023

Reflecting the recent buzz surrounding Methods’ GRAVITATE programme Cyber Academy launch, the UK Cyber Security Council has requested more detail on GRAVITATE and Methods’ 12-week Cyber Academy programme.

Methods’ CISO Gareth Jones and Learning & Development Manager Karen Nell, had the honour of presenting at the UK Cyber Security Council’s breakfast briefing in Manchester on November 1, 2023. Their presentation shed light on the creation of the GRAVITATE initiative, the internal support mechanisms, talent acquisition strategies, and their vision for the future of the Cyber Academy. The audience was excited to hear about our innovative approach, particularly how we have harnessed our GRAVITATE approach to collaborate with internal portfolios and external partners to execute the Cyber Academy Road Map.

The event also featured insights from other key industry players. Colin Gillingham, Director of Professional Services at NCC Group, shared his decade-long journey in advancing early careers programmes, with a new focus on a Next Generation Talent Programme. Emma Grant, Head of Talent & Skills at Manchester Digital, discussed her oversight of a range of programmes and initiatives, such as the Digital Skills Festival, Digital Her, and Manchester Digital’s Apprenticeship Academy. These initiatives play a pivotal role in fostering tech talent growth, diversity, and sustainability.

In the coming months, the UK Cyber Security Council is set to map out the industry guidelines and career pathways in the field of cyber security. We eagerly await this development and look forward to supporting our colleagues in the implementation of a robust Cyber Career Framework.