Empowering Government Resilience: CGPN South Conference

By Methods21 September 2023

Venetia and Nukey had the pleasure of participating in an enriching two-day experience at the Central Gov Partnership Network (CGPN) South conference. This event provided an exceptional platform for networking with senior government departments and public sector leaders. During the conference, they had the opportunity to address a captivated audience, emphasising the critical role of government employees as a key resilience factor. Their presentation centred on the importance of not only attracting top-tier talent, but also retaining it within government agencies.

Over the course of the conference, Venetia and Nukey engaged in a total of 28 one-on-one discussions with fellow attendees, fostering valuable connections and sharing insights. The event culminated with a delightful dinner, providing a relaxed atmosphere for further networking and relationship-building.

This conference was indeed a significant platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration within the public sector.


CGPN South Event CGPN South Event CGPN South Event CGPN South Event CGPN South Event CGPN South Event