Interview sessions, insight into data science, problem solving exercises, and work experience skills – inspiring and nurturing the next generation

By Joe Palmer28 June 2021

Liz Whiteley and Joe Palmer visited the Abraham Moss Community School in Manchester for a day of nurturing and inspiring students. Below Joe provides a summary of what the day set out to achieve


I was privileged to visit Abraham Moss Community School to deliver our “Data Day” to 28 year 10 pupils. As part of our social value pledge to Manchester City Council, these sessions were designed to give insight into careers in data, the skills required, and the pathways to these careers outside of A-Levels and University. 

Discussions were focused on apprenticeships and T-Levels (a new qualification equal to 3 A-Levels). As well as practical advice around applying for these qualifications, and the benefits of work experience as part of these options, students were given a chance to develop their data collection, analysis, and presentation skills. The class were lively and engaged in the topics, with each group presenting their solutions to pain points they had identified during the data collection session. 

This experience was really rewarding, as it showed how accessible careers in data can be, both in terms of the skills required, and the routes available to these students outside of traditional A-Levels. 

Abraham Moss School


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