Methods BDT and Methods Analytics appointed on the Artificial Intelligence dynamic purchasing system

By Tara O'Connell8 October 2020

We are pleased to announce that both Methods BDT and Methods Analytics have been appointed by Crown Commercial Service to be able to offer services on the Artificial Intelligence Dynamic Purchasing System, that went live in September 2020.

This contract will give us the opportunity to provide central government and public sector buyers with access to the latest artificial intelligent services.  These include machine learning to help with managing and using data, and AI applications like medical imaging software to improve diagnosis in healthcare and much more.

Methods BDT and Methods Analytics will be providing services across all four categories of this DPS, which customers will be able to use in filtering suppliers against their specific requirements:

Filter Category Level 1. Scope of Engagement

Customers will be able to filter suppliers by the type of support they are seeking, including AI discovery, licencing, customisation and support, end-to-end partnerships.

Filter Category Level 2. Type of AI

This will provide customers with the ability to select various types of technology such as AI applications, augmented decision making, data and analytics, virtual assistants and chatbots and medical AI technology

Filter Category Level 3. Medical AI Technology

This filter will allow customers to shortlist suppliers against the emerging pipeline of AI technologies in health and social care,  such as screening, diagnosis, augmented decision making, improving system efficiency and more.

Filter Category Level 4. Sector

This will allow customers to identify suppliers with experience in particular sectors such as blue light, central government, devolved administrations, health, local government, and not-for-profit.

For more information about the Artificial Intelligence Framework, please visit our page.


Further information

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