Methods Cyber Academy launches under GRAVITATE initiative

By Methods24 October 2023

October marked the commencement of our Methods Cyber Academy, a pivotal component of our GRAVITATE initiative. We proudly welcomed six Cyber Security Consultants into the Methods family, enrolling them in an intensive 12-week in-house development programme.

Aligning with SIFA, our new additions will undergo a rigorous onboarding process. This comprehensive programme will immerse them in the realm of cyber security, covering diverse aspects, from understanding frameworks and their implementation to mastering ISO standards best practices. They will delve into the complexities of different risk types, risk assessment, and mitigation strategies, and even explore risk governance while working towards obtaining relevant certifications, including achieving two industry recognised qualifications in Risk Management.

On completion of the 12-week programme, the Cyber Security Consultants will be integrated into our Cyber & Technical Advisory Portfolio. Supported through:

✔ mentoring
✔ job shadowing
✔ on-the-job training
✔ the freedom to develop and grow skills and experience in a supportive and collaborative environment
✔ development, enabling progression to a Senior Cyber Security Consultant.

If you are interested in finding out more about our future GRAVITATE programmes, please get in touch with us.


Cyber GRAVITATE October Cohort