Methods delighted to be appointed onto 3 new frameworks

By Methods6 October 2021

Methods has been appointed onto 3 new frameworks;  Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation, Management Consultancy Services 3, and Technology Services 3.

The framework allows for a wide range of needs; from consultations on waste and recycling, to finance, and auditing consultancy services. This flexible framework provides the convenience of selecting more than one consultancy service from numerous service providers but all accessed in one place – saving you time, and money. You can find out more about this framework here.

Management Consultancy Services 3
Central government and wider public sector customers can access cost effective consultancy advice from a range of suppliers across 9 specific lots. This framework Agreement will replace Management Consultancy Framework (RM3745) and Management Consultancy Framework Two (RM6008). You can find out more about this framework here.

Technology Services 3
TS3 provides access to technology strategy and service design, as well as services to support moving the operational running of an IT estate. It also provides support for large projects up to top secret classification and a range of other technology services. You can find out more about this framework here.

If you would like more information on how to procure through any of Method’s frameworks, please view our frameworks here or contact .