Methods is a member of the UK Cyber Security Council

By Methods13 July 2022

Methods has been appointed as a member of the UK Cyber Security Council.

Formed to be the voice for the UK cyber security profession, the Council has an increasing responsibility for cyber and national interests, and works to bring together key stakeholders to drive and build engagement in developing standards and ethical practice, identifying and acting on current issues, and promoting the profession.

In collaboration with multiple UK Government departments and the National Cyber Security Council (NCSC), the Council works to improve cyber security awareness and resilience for public good, and shape the standards that individual practitioners will be held to.

As a member of the Council, Methods has committed to support the raising of professional standards in the undertaking of cyber security, as well as committing to ensuring our staff abide by the Council’s Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.


We at Methods pride ourselves in delivering best practice, pragmatic Cyber Security solutions. The UK Cyber Security Council is a powerful platform for sharing our experience, and learning from other practitioners, to ultimately improve Cyber Security awareness and drive professional standards.


Gareth Jones, Chief Information Security Officer, Methods



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