Methods receives recognition from ICIPS to deliver our Lean Six Sigma training programme

By Helen Bitcon22 February 2023

We are delighted to announce that in January 2023, Methods received recognition from the Institute for Continuous Improvement (ICIPS) to deliver our Lean Six Sigma training programme.

Only training courses that meet ICIPS standards of practice become ‘recognised’ and must go through rigorous assessment to ensure they deliver high quality learning outcomes. The Methods Lean Six Sigma courses now align perfectly with ICIPS standards of professional practice to provide delegates with automatic entry as ICIPS affiliate members.

What is Lean Six Sigma training?

Lean Six Sigma is an approach that seeks to improve performance by eliminating the waste of physical resources, time, effort, and talent while assuring quality in organisational processes.

Simply put, Lean Six Sigma teaches that any use of resources that doesn’t create value for the end user, is considered a waste and should be eliminated.

Who are the Institute of Continuous Improvement?

ICIPS’ work is driven by a desire to improve public services for the benefit of all and the belief that continuous improvement (CI) competencies should be recognised in the same light as other professions. The charity works across the UK and worldwide at two levels:

1. At Strategic level – bringing together senior leaders of organisations who are at the forefront of CI to explore and solve key challenges.

2. At Tactical level – supporting CI practitioners in the delivery of CI and upholding standards of practice.

What’s next?

Our next step is to launch an internal cohort onto Methods Yellow Belt training, equipping our business with the foundation Lean Six Sigma skills to improve productivity and reduce waste. Our vision is to become an outstanding ICIPS training provider which places continuous improvement (CI) at the heart of our public service delivery.


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