Methods recognised for communications excellence at the Communications and Engagements Awards

By Methods18 November 2020

Methods had outgrown their London office in St Paul’s and took the decision to relocate to Farringdon with a moving date in November 2019. Moving offices is a huge project and communicating the changes to colleagues’ work routine needed to be handled professionally with consideration, inclusivity and an element of fun.  Step up Lucy Kemp, Internal Communications Exec, who delivered a seamless flow of content – guidebooks, microsite, maps and processes – that ensured everyone was ‘in the know’.  We are so proud to have had that work recognised with 3 awards at the Internal Communications and Engagement Awards 2020. This is particularly significant as we were competing against much larger organisations who were able to outsource some of their work to design agencies.  Everything Methods did was produced internally.

Methods wins silver for ‘best internal publication : print’

Part of the project, was a guidebook which was a one stop shop of everything employees needed to know. From the best commuting options, to how to access the new building, how to book meeting rooms, and where to get the best coffee!

Methods wins bronze for ‘best communication of change or business transformation’

Following on from the above, together with a poster campaign  and ongoing emails, we also had a ‘new office’ microsite built, that was updated weekly with photos showing the development of the office fit-out, latest updates and information, and the option to raise any questions or request advice.

Methods win bronze for ‘best communication internal communications campaign’

Mix the above two together and you have one incredible internal communications campaign, that hand-held every single employee, from senior management right through to our external associates and contractors, along the whole process. A great big well done to Lucy Kemp – our internal communications superstar.


You can read more about the awards here.


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