Methods Successful on all 3 Lots of FCA Framework

By Tara O'Connell11 July 2019

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Georgina O’Toole, 09:45, 11 July 2019

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) appears to have stuck to familiar faces when awarding the three Lots making up its new £125m, four-year, Cloud and Technology Resourcing and Outcomes Framework. The framework is designed to support the need for cloud and other technology and project delivery resources on both a resource and outcome basis.

Many of the successful companies, like Sopra Steria, Atos, Cognizant, Fujitsu Services, and Methods Group, have worked with the FCA for many years. Ten companies in total have been successful across the various Lots, with just one SME – Actica Consulting – amongst the winners (though it is only on the smallest of the three Lots). Only two – Sopra Steria and Methods Group have bagged a place on all three Lots.

The first Lot, and the one with the highest potential value of £83m, is ‘Design, Build and Run’. Successful suppliers are Cognizant, Sopra Steria, Atos Syntel, Fujitsu Services, Accenture, TCS and Methods. It calls on the provision of specialist technology skills requiring architecture, engineering and operational resources.

The second, with a value of £34m, is ‘Programme Management and Resourcing’. Successful suppliers are Sopra Steria, Cognizant, Capgemini, Methods, and Accenture. It requires project and programme delivery services across a range of regulatory, business transformation, specialist technology and cloud consultancy support in order to deliver on the FCA mission and to support it’s exploitation of cloud technologies.

Finally, the smallest of the Lots, with a value of £8m, is ‘Specialist Consultancy Services’. Successful suppliers are Sopra Steria, PA Consulting, Atos Syntel, Actica and Methods. The aim is to support the FCA’s exploitation of cloud technologies.

Of course, as with all frameworks, nothing is guaranteed. But the companies amongst the winners that we have spoken to are confident of a stream of work and of building their relationship with the FCA.

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