Methods Successful on Internet of things (IoT) technologies and services dynamic purchasing system framework

By Tara O'Connell28 April 2020

Methods has been appointed by the Scottish Government to offer services on the Internet of Things DPS.

This is a completely new contract which, drawing upon Methods’ expertise and presence in Scotland, will provide Scottish public sector organisations easy access to new and exciting technology such as Device and Data Management, IoT enablement (advice), implementation services and more!

The main purpose of IoT is to collect and exchange data to create value. IoT is a system of physical objects or things, embedded with sensors and software to enable improvements in performance by exchanging data with other connected devices over the internet which can generate useful information and insight. Public sector organisations can make use of this data directly or via analytics tools to allow timely decisions and actions.

Methods will be delivering services across the following:

  • Data management
  • Integration
  • Data analytics
  • Application enablement and management
  • Security

The duration period of Internet of Things is up till September 2021.


“This award to the IoT DPS will enable us to introduce Methods’ innovative approach through our Open Innovation Hub, utilising cutting edge technology and services building on the lessons learned through 30 years of experience gained with UK Government.  I look forward to working with the Scottish public sector at a time where change and innovation has never been more important.”

Andy Foskett, Head of Scottish Practice


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If you would like to speak to Andy Foskett regarding the Methods Scottish practice, you can reach him here :