Suzanne Maxted champions ‘planet-centred design’ at ‘BCS Net Zero : A Digital Journey’ launch event

By Methods24 November 2022

Yesterday, the Barbican Centre in London, played host to an afternoon of celebration for the launch of BCS’s Net Zero : A Digital Journey, part of a digital series exploring the instrumental role of the IT industry in responding to the climate crisis.

Paul Greenhead, Pat Crossley-Smith, Gordon Coe, and Janine Mannall were there to see Methods’ very own and fantastic Suzanne Maxted as a panelist.

The event began with the screening of highlights from participating organisations alongside a documentary film, and was followed by the panel discussion which was inspired by the key themes of the series.

Suzanne Maxted spoke with passion and eloquence during the panel session,  coining the phrase:


“In the last 10 years the IT Industry has moved to human-centred design, we now need to move to planet-centred design”.


Paul left the event “thinking more about my data footprint and how many devices I’ve got sat around the house that someone else could reuse“.

The digital content series will continue with further featured stories from the individuals and organisations across the IT industry who are pioneering change. To find out more please visit the BCS website.


Suzanne Maxted BCS Net Zero


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