DSSGx UK | Multidisciplinary data science with Raphaelle Moor

14 August 2020


Webinar Information:

EVENT: The Alan Turing Institute: DSSGx UK
NAME: Multidisciplinary data science
DATE: Friday 14th August 2020
TIME: 16:00 – 17:00

Would you like to learn how to set up and run a multidisciplinary data science team?

Or even; Interested to find out how you as data scientists can support multi-disciplinary approaches in your workplace?

Then register for the webinar here.

Methods’ Lead Consultant of Strategy and Ethics, Raphaelle Moor, will cover the following: who needs to be in the room and why; how a policy brain can benefit data science projects; the process of setting up a data science team along with the specific challenges associated with running multidisciplinary data science projects.


We look forward to seeing you there: Register now