How local government can adopt design and digital, and why it needs to

11 November 2021

Virtual Summit

Innovation Week 2021 is run by Digital Leaders and is a virtual summit celebrating innovative digital leadership.

Hannah Pinnock, Design Strategist, and Jane Fallon, Head of Digital Midlands at Methods, are joining Innovation Week on the 11th November at 9.30am GMT to discuss why local government should adopt human-centred design.

The power of design is well documented and evidenced across the board. We’ve seen central government transform over the last decade, departments have begun to enthusiastically adopt agile and become more human centred. But this change has not filtered through to local government in the same way. Hannah and Jane will explore how the structures and governance of local government actively resist the adoption of design approaches, and discuss how we begin to clear the way for design and digital, so that citizens and businesses can benefit from improved public services that will better meet their needs.

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