Methods Analytics | COVID19, A Future Wave? The modelling behind the predictions

10 September 2020


With a rise in COVID ‘hot-spots’, extended quarantine periods and predictions of a 2nd wave, how can you plan how and when to adjust back to ‘business as usual’?

Methods Analytics – experts in transforming information into actionable intelligence – has developed a COVID-19 modelling tool*.

Register for this webinar and find out how this modelling tool can be configured to help your organisation with:

• Workforce planning
• Post lock-down transition planning
• Business continuity planning for future epidemics
• Surge requirements in hospital Intensive Care Units
• Studying the effects to ‘at-risk’ groups
• Wider Public health planning
• Business continuity planning for future epidemics

* Solution is re-calibrated based on the latest knowledge


Their Webinar will cover the following:

1. Approach to developing an internal COVID-19 modelling tool for your organisation (e.g. the why, how, use cases)
2. Demonstration
3. Point of care decision support tools
4. Discuss the possible scenarios for Autumn
5. Q&A

Hear from our experts:

Simon Swift, Honorary Associate Professor at University of Exeter Business School & Managing Director of Methods Analytics
Simon Jones, Professor of Population Health at New York University & Director of Population Health and Data Science at Methods Analytics
Richard Oakley, Director of Data Science and AI at Methods Analytics
Daniel Morgan, Data Scientist at Methods Analytics
Felicia Ziparo, Data Scientist at Methods Analytics