Public Sector Insight Week | How to start building your innovation culture, model, and ecosystem

16 March 2023


Public Services are no stranger to doing more for less, yet, the real reward is in how we can do things differently and better for our communities. Small changes over time really do add up; innovation doesn’t have to always be radical and disruptive and it definitely doesn’t need to be expensive; continuous innovation has incredible impact.

Join Sarah Peña, award winning former head of innovation at Swindon Council and now a Managing Consultant at Methods, to know about “How to start building your innovation culture, model, and ecosystem.”

By the end of this 30-minute session you will:

  • hear how technology can make a significant difference to how we deliver public services
  • hear an expert view on how innovation can propel communities to build an ecosystem
  • find out more about how innovation in emerging technology can create a sustainable investment model.

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