Jadu Virtual Academy | CXM Innovation Hub

29 July 2020


Join James Kocherhans (Senior Consultant at Jadu)  & Mike Holmes (Technical Consultant here at Methods) at the Jadu Virtual Academy Summer 2020 on Wednesday 29th July at 3pm BST where they will be demonstrating different ways of interacting with Jadu CXM from external applications.

James will be showing how you can create and interact with cases from a range of Google applications, such as Gmail and Google Maps, and Mike will wrap up with a demonstration of how to create a CXM case from an Outlook email using Microsoft Power Automate.


  • Automatically create cases from a Gmail Account
  • View and create new cases directly from a Google Map
  • Create a case from a Google Calendar
  • Export Case Data to a Google Sheet, run a function in Google Sheets and return the answer to CXM
  • Raise a case using Microsoft 365 Power Apps

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