Starting the Transformation Journey – Digitising 300 council transactions

25 March 2020


Webinar | Wed, Mar 25, 2020 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM GMT

Lincolnshire County Council was 3+ years overdue on a channel shift programme when Andrea Bowes was given responsibility to complete the delivery of the failing programme. After an initial 3 months it became clear that the best solution would be to cancel the programme and start again. Following that tough decision the council needed key partners to help them deliver and improve the citizens online experience through a new website and better digital services.  With over 300 processes and 16,500 pages of content, the council needed help prioritising services and implementing the right platform to support their digital transformation goals.

Following the selection of the Jadu Continuum Platform and the full suite of products (CMS – Content Management System, XFP – Online Forms, CXM – Customer Experience Management) and the Selection of Methods, local government experts and service delivery specialists, to help deliver, the journey to implementation began in earnest in Dec 2018.

In this 1 hour webinar (40 mins presenting, 20 mins Q&A), Andrea & Barnaby from Lincolnshire County Council will discuss:

An overview of the digital transformation journey:

  • Prioritising and forming an achievable delivery plan
  • Sharing their success – in the first 3 months, 77 priority processed were rationalised into 43 digital transactions which were delivered over six sprints, 23 of which are already live.
  • Creating workshops with 17 service areas to get to grips with transactional processes.
  • Using a ‘LEGO bricks’ approach to identify issues and missing technology
  • Making use of the Jadu Library, how we have uploaded over 30 assets for other councils to reuse.

Join us at this webinar to follow the journey Andrea undertook and ask any burning questions you may have to help you on your journey to digital transformation. Please register here.

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