Strengthen your Security Posture with Azure

13 July 2023


Did you know that cyber threats are skyrocketing, posing a significant risk to organisations worldwide?

Recent stats reveal a staggering 67% increase in cyber attacks over the past five years, costing £3.86 million per breach on average. It’s time to protect our digital assets and fortify our security posture.

Join our webinar where Tony, Kam, and Lee will guide you through Microsoft Azure’s security capabilities. They’ll cover built-in features, identity management, threat detection, and response strategies. Gain insights, practical tips, and real-world examples from National Lottery’s success with Azure.

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CoreAzure Webinar 13th July 23


Whether you are an existing Azure user looking to maximise your investment in the Microsoft security package, or for those seeking to understand how Azure’s security capabilities can benefit your business, this session to ideal for you.

Key topics covered:

  • Introduction to Microsoft Azure’s security capabilities
  • Top 3 tools to strengthen your security and maximise your investment
  • Practical tips for implementing effective security measures
  • Real-world success story: National Lottery’s journey with Azure

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