Webbdagarna | ‘This is not another tech ethics talk : How to turn ethical principles and frameworks into action’

17 March 2020


Lisa Moretti will be speaking at the Webbdagarna conference on the 17th Mar, 2020 in Stockholm.

Over the last few years, companies and governments, independent councils and working groups, membership organisations and academics have been in a flurry writing ethical guidelines and principles. They’ve been doing this for artificial intelligence, machine learning, data (and data science) as well as technology more broadly. This has happened for good reason. The social and political impact of technology over the last decade has resulted in a set of cascading consequences that has been devastating at worst and cringe-worthy at best. While the ethical principles and frameworks have been an extremely helpful start, it’s time to put them into action if we are really serious about making an impact.

This talk is ideal for those who are looking for practical advice on how to take the next step on data, AI and/or tech ethics or who are frustrated by the current tech ethics conversations and want to hear a new perspective. The talk will address how to take action at an individual, team or organisational level.

Key takeaways from the talk:

* Discover a new way to think about technology and data by being introduced to a new vocabulary and mental model.
* Learn new methods and processes for taking action on ethical principles and frameworks.
* Get practical tips and advice on how to create and action ethical next practice in your work from an experienced Digital Sociologist.

If you would like to read more from Lisa, you can download this whitepaper ‘Lessons in Innovation from Tech’s Cultural Frontier. Tech trends paint a picture of innovation being all about technology. it’s not.’

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